Capital Raising

Raising seed capital for new investment funds or for new and existing businesses has never been harder with many financial institutions having retrenched during the economic crisis.

TrustLink will assist companies and entrepreneurs seeking to raise capital through either equity and debt financing. We work with major investment funds, international financial institutions and other sources of financing. TrustLink will assist to source the best deals that are current and available.

Mainstream & Bespoke Finance Solutions

TrustLink, through its exclusive arrangement with a number of leading financial providers, offers a service to assist borrowers to obtain competitive financing solutions.

TrustLink is appointed to a significant number of institutional lenders, private banks and bespoke funders. Most activity relates to high value residential and commercial property, both Offshore and UK, typically £1M to +£50M mortgage facilities and often for non-resident clients and those with offshore structures.

Trust companies and private family offices appoint TrustLink to negotiate and deliver such funding for reasons including:

- Independent approach to credit
- Ability to identify / negotiate the most efficient solution through a whole of market approach
- Connectivity at executive level with a broad panel of lenders
- Daily management of large and complex transactions, focusing on delivery and service
- Success fee oriented and fully transparent. Most often remunerated by the Lender on a disclosed and off-settable basis

Shareholder Finance

TrustLink, through its consultancy agreement with Equities First Holdings, is able to provide flexible and cost efficient financing solutions for investors.

This solution is available to shareholders who are looking to unlock cash from their holdingswithout an outright sale of their shares, which allows the client to maintain capital upside of the shares, while freeing up funds for other purposes.

Investors looking to access liquidity against their equity holdings traditionally have two options: either an outright sale or a traditional margin loan. Both options can carry negative implications in the market. Given the current conditions, margin loan providers are not willing to offer terms on stocks outside the top 100 to 200 companies on major exchanges.

Through our strategic partnership, Equities First Holdings can deliver a flexible and cost-efficient facility for investors who are seeking liquidity, but do not wish to sell their shares or take out a traditional margin loan.


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